My name is Justin "Subluxe" and I'm an active member of the Mechanical Keyboard Community and co-organizer of the Vancouver Mech Meet. As a writer, a member of my local esports community, and student, the importance of a good keyboard was something that I had learned to appreciate.

I originally started this hobby on a Ducky Shine 3 and since then have been building keyboards for myself, my local community and my friends. As of recently I have started taking clients, and due to the positive feed back I am excited to open these services to everyone.


Feel free to contact me if there's anything you're uncertain about! You can reach me through any platform but I'm most responsive on Discord. Alternatively you can use the form below!

Discord: Subluxe#0001
Email: subluxemk@gmail.com


Services Offered
Soldering LubingRepairsFlux Removal Desoldering for 40% and smaller
Services Not Currently Offered
Desoldering for greater than 40%

Assembly Process

It is expected for the client to source the parts for the assembly, with the exception of lube for stabilizers. If you are new to keyboards feel free to reach out to me and I can help you find keyboard kits to start.

Prior to building the PCB components will be tested to ensure they are working correctly.Switches will be lubed with a choice of Krytox 205 G0, Tribosys 3204 or lube supplied by client.Stabilizers will be lubed with Krytox 205 G0 and Permatex Dielectric Grease, as included in the service.All components will be soldered with Kester 63/37 leaded solder.After testing the build is prepared to be sent, and invoices are sent out.Upon paid invoice, keyboard is then sent to client.
Keyboard Assembly Prices
≤ 40% - $20 USD + Shipping60-65% - $30 USD + Shipping75-80% - $ 35 USD + ShippingFull-Size / CP / 1800 - $50 USD + ShippingDIY Kits - Please message me on either e-mail or discord about these.
If you are Vancouver based or can arrange for local pick-up and drop off, please contact me for the local discount pricing.

Other Services Prices

Switch Lubing
$0.40 USD per switch if lube provided.$0.60 USD per switch if I use my own lube.
Switch Filming & Spring Swap
$0.10 USD per switch if film provided.$0.15 USD per switch if I use my own. Spring swap is free only if you provide the springs and are currently getting lubing services.
Flux Removal
$20 USD
Repairs are handled on a case by case basis. Please notify me on Discord or through my e-mail form if you are interested in getting a repair.
Former Commissions
Duck Orion v3 LZ CLSm Tofu 65KBD 8X MKIIHB60MechrylicElectrotype Alice
For a full list of previous work, please check out my google sheet.

Interested in getting started? Please fill out the form here to be placed in my queue!


For inquiries outside of the FAQ please refer to my contact page.


Where are you based?
Vancouver, British Columbia
What happens if I'm local?
Contact me directly and I'll give you better pricing and no shipping at all.
What if I'm Canadian but outside the Greater Vancouver region?
Contact me still, and I'll do my best to give you a better rate!
I'm new to keyboard and don't know where to begin, can you help me find something to start with?
I can guide you through the process and give suggestions as to what you might need.
What switches are the best?
It's personal preference.

Which carrier are you using for return shipping?
I will be using DHL Express.
How much can I expect for return shipping?
I generally estimate each board will come to approximately $30 USD at the most with no additional fees if it is shipping to USA.
Do you accept international clients?
Absolutely, but please be aware that shipping costs could get pricy depending on your location.
Is the shipping tracked?
Absolutely. Shipping info will be provided after label is printed, and the invoice is paid.

What happens in the unlikely event something is damaged during assembly?
I will either replace it with the same part that was damaged, or agree to pay for any damages that occur.
What do you solder with?
I use a TS100 Iron, and Kester 63/37 solder. For ventilation I use a KOTTO Fume Extractor.
Can I request additional modding?
Absolutely, but within reason. Please DM me if you'd like!
Terms and Conditions

Prior to build services starting, I will be ensuring that nothing is damaged, and confirm that the PCB is fully functional and operational.The customer is responsible for any additional duties or taxes to be paid.I (Subluxe) am not responsible for any damages that occur during shipping, and thus all packages will be declared properly.If any problems occur with your build, we will discuss it and solve it on a case by case basis.If during the assembly any parts are damaged, I will agree to pay for the damages caused.